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       Hape国际控股集团总部为位于瑞士卢塞恩(Luzern),主要为全球0-6岁宝贝研发益智木玩,启蒙和促进儿童的健康成长与发展;提倡并秉承生态、环保的生产和生活方式,积极为世界环境保护与可持续发展做出贡献。近三十年来,Hape™玩具一直坚持原创,集团集合了一批来自全世界各地的优秀设计师,使用天然高品质的环保材料和德国的制造工艺及标准,使得Hape的每一款玩具都得以成为童年生活中绵长的陪伴。本次CBME育儿网有幸邀请到了Hape集团总裁Peter Handstein 为我们讲述Hape的市场规划与品牌理念。


       Q1: As we know, it is the 30th anniversary of Hape this year, so is there any big project in your mind? Would you please give us a brief introduction about it?

       Peter: 是的,中国人常说“三十而立”,对一家企业而言,三十年也是一个重要的里程碑。我们相信,玩其实是存在于每一个人的基因中的,不仅仅是和平年代和平地区的孩子,每个人都有玩的基因,都爱玩。

今年,我们推出了一个叫做“We Care We Share”的慈善项目。我们甄选了战区、贫困地区、灾区和资源匮乏地区以及自闭症儿童进行帮扶。每售出一款三十周年“臻享积木”,我们即向阿富汗、尼泊尔、叙利亚、津巴布韦有需要的孩子及中国自闭症孩子捐赠一款玩具。



       Peter: Yes, like Chinese often say ‘sān shí ér lì’, for an enterprise, 30 years is also an important milestone. We believe that play is in the DNA of every human being. Because it is in the DNA, not only children in peacetime and peaceful territories like to play, everybody does, everybody has the drive to play.

       This year we launched a charity program called ‘We Care We Share’, we've selected countries affected by war, poverty, natural disasters, or lack of resources to partner with in our ‘We Care, We Share’ program. When you purchase a set of Hape 30th Anniversary blocks, a toy will be donated to a child in need in Syria, Afghanistan, Zimbabwe, Nepal, or China.

In China, we donate to autistic children, and till today, we have donated to rehabilitation centers, hospitals and schools in ALL 23 provinces, 5 autonomous regions and 4 autonomous municipalities.

All our acts are reflections of what we believe and advocate, we care for mind development, and we care for Love Play·Learn.


       Q2:Hape has attracted much attention and as well as anticipation from China market, we in China which is hoping Hape continue to pass on the philosophy of “love play, learn” to Chinese families. Compared with the past years, any new ideas and plans in your mind for domestic market?

       Peter:在渠道方面,Hape今年不仅完成了在一二线城市精品百货的精耕细作,也会拓展反斗城、baby store等新渠道。之后我们也会在品牌酒店、餐厅等场所、渠道展现全新的品牌形象,开启新的母婴合作生态模式。在推广方面,我们坚持打造全新的品牌形象。对比往年,也更注重跨界合作及品牌推广,针对Hape “Love play · Learn”(在玩中学)的理念,引导爸爸妈妈们认知环保玩具和对益智性作用的认知。另外,我们也会通过更多的达人来传递我们的理念,坚守初心。在产品方面,我们今年十分重视在设计方面的投入,更加注重在产品研发的全面性及功能性的提升。


      另外还重点推出了两条设计师线。一个是今年一经推出就反响强烈的火车轨道系列。它出自我们的瑞典玩具设计师之手,低龄、高龄两个年龄组的划分,让这个系列更适合各年龄的宝宝玩耍。饱含设计师自己的创意和想法,在很多细节处理上有很多惊喜。除了现已推出的火车轨道多能套以外,后续我们也会继续推出这个系列的其它更为丰富多彩的火车轨道玩具。另外一个是即将进入中国市场的George Luck创意拼图产品线。这个拼图品牌历史悠久,采用独特的英式风格设计,如艺术创意图案、不规则拼接和多层拼图等特点,而且它具有很强大的教学益智功能。这些都造就了它的与众不同。

       Peter: In terms of channels, Hape has not only completed the detailed preparation and paved the road for setting up the department stores in first tier and second tier metropolis, but also will explore new channels such as Toys R Us and Baby Store. We are also preparing a series of cross-brandings with premium hotels and restaurants, in order to open up a new cooperative mode.In terms of promotion, we insist on strengthening our brand image. Comparing with the year before, we focus more on cross-industry cooperation and brand promotion. Adhering to “Love play · Learn”, the philosophy that Hape holds dear to heart, we will continuously guide parents to cognize the importance of playing with ecological educational toys; moreover, we will ask more talents and opinion leaders to deliver our mission and vision that we have been maintaining for the last 30 years.In terms of product, we are paying more attention to design, emphasizing more on comprehensiveness and improving functions through product development.

      This year, we released special items as a tribute to our 30th anniversary for our customers. The items are not only a salute for the classic, but also an intermedia for promoting the advanced educational method of the western system.

       In addition, we launched another two design lines, one is the hot railway lin from our Swedish designer. The division of two age groups enables all children to play with it. With full creativity and inspiration, the design will surprise you in many details. Besides the current launched multi-function set, later on we will also launch more sets for this line. Another one is George Luck Puzzle, an innovative puzzle originated from UK with a long history, now it enters China market with its unique British style, characterized in creative art, irregular stitching and multi-layer puzzles, along with its strong educational function, has made this line unique.



       Q3:Please give a summary on the past half year of 2016.


       Peter: We launched a grand parent-child interactive activity called “Dream Experience House” in China. The premiere took place in Suzhou on May 21, followed by roadshows in cities like Beijing, Shijiangzhuang, Hangzhou, Nanjing, Guiyang, Zunyi, Changzhou and Kunshan. The message behind this activity is that children get to experience their dream career role by trying categorized Hape toys.There was another highlight for this activity is the digital sensory technology, it is a nice combination between “Black Tech” and toys. No matter child or adult, they both can ‘put on’ different uniforms, interacting with Hape toys, experiencing the wonderful feeling about being a musician, engineer or other professions, and they can take a photo as a ‘memory of the future’. The outcome was very good, both child and parent love it. Besides, up from May 26, Hape exclusively sponsored a reality show “Hot Mamas” on Youku. The 10-episodes ongoing reality show invited 10 talented Chinese mommies from different industries to share their parenting experiences and stories. 


       Q4: What are the attractive points of Hape in CBME

       Peter:在CBME上带有Hape标志的展位形象将全新亮相,届时今年反响热烈的火车轨道系列、创意拼图George Luck、30周年臻享系列均有展出,在这里大家还能看到Hape在优酷亲子《花Young妈妈》入镜的同款花样系列。同时也能深刻感受到Hape带来的玩具理念和生活方式。

       Peter: On this year’s CBME, Hape booth has another face-lifting with our newly launched railway series, innovative George Luck Puzzles as well as Hape 30th anniversary items; moreover, you will also see these items featured in the reality show “Hot Mamas" on Youkou, by that means that you will feel the philosophy and the life style that Hape brings along.



       Q5:June 29 has been honored as “Little Prince Day”, Hape , as the licensee of LLP also participated in the activity, could you please give us a brief introduction about the licensing project and the specific activity on “629 Little Prince Day“?

       Peter:2015年达成与电影《小王子》的授权合作是Hape三十年以来第一次涉足授权领域。能够造就了Hape小王子系列玩具的诞生不仅是缘分使然,也是Hape和《小王子》那种根性的联结和价值观的契合。去年五月,Hape携手小王子一起亮相戛纳电影节,紧随其后Hape还在巴黎举办了历史上首次全球新品发布会,北京三里屯太古里举办了“遇见小王子”中国首映礼活动,并在上海完成了Hape新品发布会。今年6月29日,Hape携手周大福、THE BEAST、Little Star等各大品牌,以及唯品会、滴滴快车等各大平台共庆小王子日,在电商平台、自媒体平台掀起狂欢热潮。与此同时,,Hape携手滴滴打车,在广州、上海站开启话题为#打滴滴遇见小王子#送福利活动。无疑,与小王子的授权合作是难得的经验,让Hape在追寻童心,益智成长的的道路中走得更加铿锵有力。

       Peter: Cooperating with the movie The Little Prince in 2015 has been the very first licensing deal in the Hape history. The shared vision and values with the masterpiece has made this cooperation happen. May last year, Hape showed up at Cannes International Film Festival with The Little Prince casting team together, we also held a first global product release in Paris thereafter and various regional product releases like in Shanghai.On June 29th of this year, Hape celebrated the Little Prince Day together with  other well-known brands such as Chow Tai Fook, the Beast, Little Star etc. as well as VIP.com and car rentel APP Didi. This has raised another wave on e-commerce platform. With the car rentel APP Didi, we launched a theme called “Meeting Your Little Prince” and with Hape giveaways.Undoubtedly, it has been a precious experience for Hape to cooperate with The Little Prince, it has also helped us to grow on the road persuing childlike innocence and gaining intelligence growth.